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Total Expansion

Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminal will continue to grow in the upcoming years, with our current capacity set to increase by 150.000 cbm. The past 2 years we already added 3 more tank pits with a total capacity of 45.400 cbm.

An additional 35.000 cbm of tank capacity is planned for mid-2022.

Moreover, Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminal has a total surface area of approximately 18.000 m². This free space can be used for tailor-made projects, for storage and for related activities such as a blending facility or other processes.

Planned Expansion

Tank pit T

Planned to be operational by mid-2022.

Tank Pit T is the newest expansion phase where the terminal will step into.

This tank pit will consist out of 7 tanks with each a capacity of 5.000 cbm.

Tank pit T

Total capacity = 35.000 cbm.

Under construction soon.

Future expansion

Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminal obtained her environmental permit for the future expansion lay-out, which will be realised in the upcoming years.

Including tank pit T the total expansion will reach 150.000 cbm of storage capacity.

With over 18.000 m² of land available, Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminal is always open to discuss customer-specific and/or tailor made projects.

We never stop planning the future.