Unique Storage Facilities

Noord Natie Terminals offers you a wide range of storage facilities for liquids from 30 m3 to 8300 m3

Noord Natie Terminals offers storage in multiple tank sizes and equipment. Tanks are in stainless steel, mild steel and coated steel and range from 30 m3 to 8300 m3. The terminal has 7 berths for seagoing vessels. Moreover, it also offers 4 dedicated berths for barges. The terminal is connected to rail where separate rail cars or block trains can be handled. Spread over the terminal there are many other locations for loading and discharging of tank trucks, tank containers and flexitanks. For direct transhipment Noord Natie Terminals offers the ultimate in flexibility thanks to its excellent quayside accessibility.

What do we offer

Storage Tanks

No matter how specific the storage requirements of the liquids, a suitable tank will be at hand. Noord Natie Terminals stands for a wide variety of tanks and has a permit to store a broad variety of products.

Our services

Noord Natie Terminals offers drumming services for all kinds of products inlcuding dangerous products. If drumming is required under nitorgen or within a closed system this is also possible.

Other services offered are warehousing, blending, tank container storage and many more...

Types of connectivity

Noord Natie Terminals is located in one of the best locations in the Port of Antwerp with easy access to sea, inland waterways, road and rail.


Since the end of 2015 Noord Natie Terminals is busy constructing a new office building.
This new project will be 7 stories high and will reunite all NNT's personnel in one place.

We hope it will improve our service even more.
Our offices should be ready by November/December 2016.

NNT is searching for:

- Maintenance Engineer

- Project Engineer

- Documentalist / Werkvoorbereider

For more info and job descriptions, please send an email to hellemond.c@noordnatie.be.

NNT has leased an adjacent piece of land of 6 hectares where it will build another 90000 m3 of extra storage capacity.
The tanks will have a capacity of 1300 m3, 2500 m3 or 5000 m3.
The first tank pit can be made operational by mid 2016.

In July 2012 NNT Holding and Odfjell Terminals (Europe) B.V. concluded a 25% share participation of Odfjell Terminals (Europe) B.V. in NNT. The company will be renamed Noord Natie Odfjell Terminals. We will soon start engineering the new layout (lay out) of the (extra) 90000 m³ additional capacity that can be built on the new land adjacent to the existing terminal. The terminal will then have a capacity of 440000 m³.